Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Spammed out!

The Regular Joe revels in solitude.

While my predominant nature is to stay away from loquacious counterparts, I tend to seek Quality Company when I occasionally decide to break the spell of loneliness. A bout of socialization is absolutely necessary to maintain the equilibrium. When I step out of this social hibernation, the urge to communicate is uncontrollable. And if you have thought about it, that’s when I blog too. The last time I emerged out of the shadows, I was, as usual, thoroughly famished. Hungry for communication from my pet pals, I checked out my electronic mail portals with hopeful anticipation.

Much to my disappointment, there were none to satiate my thirst for a timely dose of correspondence. A pained realisation that I'd been spammed out of my friends' lives during my absence dawned on me.

Not the one to give up easily, I pressed the magical button F5.At the top of mails read and re-read, stood this most welcome mail. The author had chosen to be identified as 'sugargirl_050' and had a very provocative subject that cooed with naughty implications,

'Hey, wanna chat?'.

Needless to say, I was moved to tears. This female, whoever she was, touched the Joe's heart by her most humanitarian gesture.

These days along with the sugargirl, Eliseo Webb, Derick Alston, Josiah, PoetsPassion, Mohammed Knutson, Tom Tripp, Ruthie Hobson et al keep me in good humour. Yes, at times they sound irrelevant, replying to mails I never sent, but at least they make an effort.

Update: Shortly after I published this thanksgiving,Poetspassion carried a 'message from Kellogs enquiring your health' mail.Now,isnt that touching?

Monday, May 22, 2006

Growing up

It leaves me totally baffled when I think how apparently small and seemingly insignificant occurrences have left a profound and lasting impression in this malleable mind. Had life been a bollywood movie, the same would have had all dramatic accompaniments like, say, close-up shots from at least eight different angles or a 360 degree camera swirl capturing all the emotions with a suitably exaggerated intensity.

But such incidents that cause paradigm shifts in your perception of people around you happen but sans any fanfare or even little noise. While the sensory organs get satiated with the immediate offerings, the sub-conscious mind patiently records the data, classifies them, extrapolates, infers and formulates theories.

As someone who is sensitive enough to be influence-prone throughout this continuum of change that is called life, such aforementioned incidents have been aplenty.Like, when I was in college, how the ten-minute video clipping had culled my innocence forever.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Emotional vortex

The turbulence that invariably accompanies transition has to be overcome.This too shall pass and there is still hope.