Wednesday, December 19, 2007


An intoxicating evening,
we digress to the cliff
after school.

Higher and higher
she swings
and her shrieks of excitement
echo from the dark interiors
of the cave.

Sun retires.
Random sprinkles emerge.
In the vastness
she locates her star;
and assigns one to me.

She makes triangles
and lines in the sky.
Waits for a star to fall
to make a wish.
My eyes never leave her.

She talks,I listen.
She makes me promise
that I'd marry her
when we grow up.
I obey.

Memories linger still,
after six decades.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dear Diary

My first kiss
held no warmth.
Our tongues dint meet.
I dint feel his warm breathe.
Neither did he give
a bear hug.

I kissed a snowman,
but I still blushed.

- inspired by the photograph of a girl kissing a snowman