Saturday, April 22, 2006

Regular Joe's regular day

With nothing much to write,
think hard enough though I might,
I shall venture to say,
What makes the regular joe's day.

In twenty three summers that I've seen,
Never the early riser I've been.
With a sword aloft,I ride the horse
And slay the demon (read boss).

And so goes my routine dream,
Where the joe reigns supreme.
joe's love,when the princess seeks,
the chain of slumber breaks.

An encounter with water,the skin doth refrain,
the mere thought sends chills down the spine.
The deo bought from the retail store,
On second thoughts,I spray more.

An insipid breakfast of paratha,aloo and cabbage;
Positive thinking-wow,its better than garbage!
And so begins another day,
'God!help me through this',I pray.

Being destiny's favorite playtoy,
My job was fate's cruel ploy.
With the thing thats called a boss
work is never a bed of rose.

As I pretend to browse the file,
frustration builds when time plays snail.
Many a times the eyes look,
at the most motionless thing,the clock.

Eons later,we call it a day.
By then the mood is most grey.
Back to room,its time to go,
With the flow,the stone has to go.

Bedtime - catharsis and introspection.
another day marked by utter inaction.
using mine and friends' fingers
I count my failures.

By now,nostalgic and bereft of hope
I pursue my dreams and complete the loop.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Thomas Anderson is leads a double life. To most people, he's a hard-working computer programmer who holds down a nine-to-five job for a major software corporation. But, in the privacy of his home, he's a hacker named Neo who is "guilty of virtually every computer crime [there's] a law for." Neo is dissatisfied with his existence, and, while he's groping for a meaning to it, he is contacted by a mysterious computer presence known as Morpheus. "Wake up Neo," a printout on his monitor screen reads. "The Matrix has you. Follow the white rabbit." And so begins an amazing odyssey for Neo.

Oscar leads a normal life.His moment of reckoning comes the day he is mistakenly supposed to have killed a shark.He then shoots to immediate stardom and becomes the 'protector' of the reef.

Harry who has been drilling for oil all his life is asked by his government to drill a hole where no man has drilled before. A massive meteor is ripping through our solar system heading straight for us, big enough to wipe out all life on Earth, it must be stopped.Harry goes on to do it much to the gratitude of the whole humankind.

I am waiting for that fleeting moment of glory. I am feeling compelled to justify my existence.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

THe Bouquet Tragedy

'The perfect day for romance',
Said the day's prediction.
Thrilled by cupid's glance,
Thanked for the divine benediction.

A brief flashback -
I had seen a human rose
In the bazaar, few days back
All beauty packed in one face!

Striking a stylish stance
I sent my eyes behind the Miss.
Longed only for a fleeting glance,
Was never greedy for a kiss.

Haunted, by romance ,and beset
Enduring love I did possess.
Fearing the violence it may beget,
never had the courage to profess.

For,she had a brother,elder and reckless,
He seemed to have energy in excess.
Hence this blithe spirit was taken aback.
End flashback.

Now with hope new and zeal fresh,
I saw a chance;
Call it love or crush,
To carry forward and enhance.

With brain cells not adequately grey,
Planning was ever a strife.
Neverthless desired to be in the fray,
Believing,an idea could change my life.

In troubled times I turn to my pal.
In love matters,he was an ace
After a gentle stroll,
ruled that I was a novice.

O'er a steaming cup o' coffee,
On romance,he gave many a funda,
With a pencil and eraser (dust free)
Added point by point to my agenda.

'Wipe that stupid grin off the face',he said.
'Take bath before you meet',he advised.
'Your hair is too long',he observed.
lengthy locks,it seems,girls despised.

The choicest bouquet I bought
In each flower and petal,stuck my heart.
Hundred different attire I had to try,
before settling for a suit and a bow-tie.

Like an arrow,I set off
At her entrance had to call off!
For,in clear words,he dint tell,
Whether I sh'd softly knock the door,or ring the bell.