Monday, May 26, 2014

Force of Habit

An undying thirst for the unknown,
the sea water promised plenty but quenched none.
Is this life made of impulsive doing?
Or does it carry a glorified meaning?
Who am I and from where did I start?
Lined with grieving bricks,this heart
can't house misery more.
But,even after spotting the distant shore,
and soaked in grief laden breeze,
why do I still circle the dark seas?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

One starry night...

Lets make
a happy story
out of the night sky.
Lets pick
a faint sulky star,
farther than any,
that pretends
to look away.
Lets give her
a name and
make her the
star of the night
and watch her
get her glow back.
Lets wink at
other stars
and line them
up for a
fussy autograph.
Let us admire
the reluctant
smile on her face
as it breaks
into a
full blown laugh.
Lets take the star
by her hands
and dance on
the tallest terrace.
Lets make coloured waves
in air
to keep her interested
in our goofy song.
Lets find cold pebbles
for her feet
as they dance.
Lets try not
to fall into a trance
and lose
a moment to kiss.
Lets put her
in dreamy sleep
and draw a smile.
Lets make her
the star of our life.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Salty tears can sing

Sadness, like a pinch of salt
glued to your fingertips,
has an alluring element.
A melancholy thought
turns you inward and flows
as the indelible ink
in your pen. 

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Guided by past

I run my life with a rear view mirror.
That's all you need,
when you run backwards.

The downward spiral

I love flying.
So, moving head on into clouds,
grimly dark although,
(with a gathering sense
of undeniable deja vu)
stood for progress
and fleeting objects I crossed
were smugly tagged as fancy milestones
that others were denied.

But the illusion of progress
was diluted initially and disturbed later
when my own tail emerged
in the corner of my eye.
For, when you are suspended
in a viscous, slow moving and shrinking vortex,
your next milestone can only be
having your tail between your teeth.