Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Special Occasion

If you are a general knowledge buff you’ll know that there have been many girls in The Regular Joe’s life. And that last week The Joe achieved a personal landmark.

Ever since I learnt to differentiate between the genders, I should admit, I have been impressed by the fairer one. And if you’re ready to believe let me tell you that also I maintain a diary containing the names of all such girls.

Please let me explain. I have set certain minimum standards for the entries. Like the girl that captured my heart should have occupied my mind space for a minimum of 1 week and that she should have consciously smiled at me at least once. Those who narrowly missed on the eligibility criteria will find a mention in the appendix. And girls who satisfy these stringent entry conditions are further classified based on the extent of intimacy I enjoyed in the relationship. There are perfumed pages in the diary. There are bookmarked ones and there are normal ones too.

I also add tiny snippets of information against each name that are meant to stimulate nostalgia. Let me read out the snippet recorded against girl number 23. It goes like, “I proposed to this girl after watching Titanic thrice”. And the girl number 33 will always be special. The snippet reads,”This girl caught me watching her eat a delicious looking piece of cake. She then split it into two halves, gave one to me and her dog rejected the other. She was beautiful.”

For those who have been following the thread closely let me add-my dear diary had its perfumed fiftieth entry last week.