Tuesday, May 27, 2008

That sinking feeling....

The last few rays
of gloomy crimson recede;
like a friend who has
given much but cannot
anymore dutifully so.
I am the begger, who
never had to ask.

Its going to get dark,
very dark.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Awaiting salvation

A morning, tranquil and pleasant
in the garden,
one cannot help but
notice and assume that
the butterfly, blithe and bright
still glued to the flower
by slumber, must have
hovered over its choices,
(like my hand does, over
a multiple choice question)
to choose from a multitude
the bloom right with,
a colour that matches
well with its flaps' hues,
a scent that brings love,
and a stunning view of
the romantic light.

To spread gloom over
this amusing imagination,
almost in the same breathe,
the mind does waver
to ponder over the scene's
impermanence, of decrepitude
and death, of the cruel paradox
of extreme level, that life is.
Or apparently so.

That, a reason drives everything,
(though hackneyed and banal)
does seem to suggest that
the hologram that life is,
offers a meaning
for the right sight only,

Lets hope some dawn
will bring light with it;
even if not a halo o'er my head, brings
Unbound compassion sans the suffering.

P.S: Thanks to this post

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Growing up II

When you wake up with a bad mood, the whole damn world conspires against you. And you spend the day returning people's smile with an impolite nod or a blank stare, being reticent and being excessively aggressive in the TT room. And the mood follows you like a terrible stink wherever you go.

Its strange when you look back and realise that your very meticulously planned actions seem to be nothing but a fool's handiwork now. The merit of the actions are now suddenly absent. But unfortunately somebody has already judged you in the light of what you did. Its like the wrong answer you give in an Interview room with all confidence only to realise it the moment you step out of the room. You cant really do anything now, can you? Except, of course, an incisive catharsis.

Wisdom usually dawns upon you at the unlikeliest moment. Today, when I had a mouthful of rice and curry, the moment of realisation came - When you find an expensive show-piece, keep away from it.

Lesson learnt.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


One mirror, many reflections.

They sit on extreme corners
of the personality map.
Different people;
Intimidating Winners
with flamboyant styles;
Abominable hunchbacks
bearing the burden of the past;
Romantic young men
with winsome smiles;
Diffident eyes
that cant meet yours.

I meet them all everyday,
just looking into the mirror.

One life, many lives.