Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Today, we shall listen to a snippet relating how close The Regular Joe came to ETERNAL Fame and how Fate, like it always does, snatched the opportunity from the very deserving Joe.

On 9 July 1667, The Regular Joe started from home, as usual, with his herd of cattle. He counted them-3 browns, 5 blacks and 8 whites. Quite a handful for someone of the Regular Joe’s age but he always rejoiced in exceeding expectations. So, off he started towards the greens. Letting the cows graze, he reclined beneath a tree, an APPLE tree.

Yes. It happened. An apple fell on him.

The Regular Joe sat up with a start. He paused for a moment; he tilted his face thoughtfully, which he does only when he is struck by something phenomenal. What caused this? How could this have possibly happened? What can explain this? The Regular Joe’s mind was racing-it never rested without an answer. The Regular Joe then looked to his right and left (which he does when he doesn’t know an answer). And instinctively he looked up and immediately realized what could have possibly caused it.

Damn the monkeys…